Tiny Tigers


The Tiny Tiger Taekwondo Program is a specialized program for children ages 3 1/2 through 7 years of age. The program is designed to establish a firm foundation of Life Skills in young children’s lives while learning Taekwondo basics and having fun! ATA is known for its Tiny Tiger Taekwondo Program and our instructors are committed to bring the most developmentally appropriate taekwondo curriculum into each Tiger class.

Tiny Tigers are also able to excel through their own set of unique belts. The unique belts also coordinate with an animal so that students are better able to connect with each belt in a fun way! Not only do they have the opportunity to learn taekwondo moves, they will also break boards, learn sparring, weapon sparring, and weapon forms. These tiny, but mighty, students are even able to compete at ATA taekwondo tournaments throughout the region!

Tiny Tigers is perfect for any child that is wanting to learn self-defense, boost self-confidence, make new friends, and become a NINJA!
 Tiny Tiger Testings
To best cater the needs of our youngest students, Tiny Tigers receive their animal belt and a patch at the beginning of each cycle, then receive a headband at their testing. This allows the students to half-step their way through their forms so that they fully grasp each new skill.


Life Skills Tiny Tigers Use:

  • Courtesy
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Self-Confidence
  • Following Directions
  • ​Self Control

Tiny Tiger Oath
I promise to be a good person, with Knowledge in my head, Honesty in my heart, and Strength in my body, I promise to make good friends, if I use my manners and work really hard I can be a Black Belt!”


  • Red-Panther/Baron
  • Brown-Cobra/Narsha
  • Blue-Dragon/Mir
  • Purple-Phoenix/Choa
  • Green-Eagle/Suri
  • Camo-Lion/Raon
  • Orange-Cheetah/Cheeri
  • Yellow-Tiger/Baeoh
  • White-Turtle/Ara