Training Body, Mind, & Spirit


Our Juniors Program teaches Taekwondo to students ages 7 to 14. We train our students to the best of their ability. Some students come to us in shape others out of shape. Some students come wanting to learn self-defense others wanting to learn sparring. In every instance the student’s training is centered on their improvement and growth into the martial arts.


​       While the student develops their body during taekwondo training, they are also training their mind with the practice and teaching of the life skills; Discipline, Honesty, Respect, Communication, Self-Esteem and Belief. Each testing cycle there will be a different life skill that will be the focus.


The final component of the Juniors Program is the community service aspect, which helps to develop the student’s spirit. A student must perform some act of community service in order to test for their next belt. The reason is to get the students to donate their time and energy to make the community of Missoula a better place.


The Belt System

Students can test every 8 weeks, if they are ready. Once Purple Belt the students must do a midterm to get the decided rank before testing for their next belt.

​ Belt Ranks are promoted in the following order:

White Belt

Orange Belt Decided

Yellow Belt Decided

Camouflage Belt Decided

Green Belt Decided

Purple Belt Recommended

Purple Belt Decided

Blue Belt Recommended
Blue Belt Decided

Brown Belt Recommended

Brown Belt Decided

Red Belt Recommended
Red Belt Decided

Red/Black Belt

 Black Belt Candidate

1st Degree Black Belt Decided



Requirements to Test

All Students must earn their required stripes before being allowed to test.


The First Stripe is for knowing their basics for each belt, as well as the self- defense techniques that they learn.


The Second Stripe is for knowing their form and being able to perform it well.


The Third Stripe is for Community Service. More specific guidelines will be posted. As well as the parent stripe awarded if the students demonstrates the life skill of the cycle at home


Upon Reaching Camo Belt an additional Fourth Stripe is earned for demonstrating appropriate sparring techniques.


Upon Reaching Purple Belt the requirements for the fourth stripe also include demonstrating appropriate board breaks.